Roma Day – a day to remember the past and to plan our future

Written by Secretariat on .

Roma Day is the occasion for all Roma from all over the world to remember the troubled history of our people. It is also the opportunity to reflect on what needs to be done to preserve our identity, our culture and, most of all, our language.

Centuries of persecution, enslavement and genocide should strengthen our determination to stand up to the constant molestations, vilification and denial of basic human rights to which we are subjected in all countries throughout the world.

We should not succumb to fatalism. We should not accept to be third-rate citizens. We should not be afraid of declaring ourselves Roma. It is the time for us to stand together, proud of our heritage, and shout out: Dosta! That’s enough!

On this Day we turn towards our non-Roma fellow- citizens and to the authorities of the country to which we belong and ask them to reflect with us on the injuries they have inflicted on us over the centuries and to accept to restore to us our dignity as fully fledged citizens with equal rights and obligations.

Let us, both Roma and non-Roma, make this Day a special day of reparation,forgiveness and fraternity.

Baxtalo e Romengoro dive, 8-to aprilo.