Conference "The Forgotten Voices"

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The Forgotten Voices Conference, organised by the European Roma and Travellers Forum in cooperation with the Council of Europe will take place from Wednesday 6 to Thursday 7 April 2016 in the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest, Romania. The conference is financially supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Council of Europe.

This two-day conference is dedicated to the Roma victims of the Holocaust and aims to achieve both the official and international recognition of the Genocide of the Roma, as well as improve the knowledge and teaching of the Roma Genocide in schools and amongst the wider public. In this respect, the Conference intends to examine how the causes of that tragedy are reflected in the discrimination, marginalisation and persecution of the Roma today, analyse the true nature of anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of discrimination and explore how the relationship between the Genocide and today’s anti-Gypsyism can help us combat this phenomenon.

We believe that the official recognition of the Genocide of the Roma together with the establishment of an International Remembrance Day for the Roma victims would be a step of utmost importance in combating anti-Gypsyism throughout Europe, as requested recently by the European Parliament in its resolution of 15 April 2015. As such, this Conference will serve as both a basis for advocating this historical redress, as well as for promoting the teaching of the Roma Genocide and changing of mentalities.

The participants are from International Organisations, Media, Parliaments, Universities, High Scools, Ministris and NGOs.


Concept of the workshops

Conclusions of the conference

ERTF Guidelines on the stepst toward achieving official recognition of anti-Gypsyism and on promoting remembrance