Call for Partnership(s)

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Dear Colleagues,The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) is looking for partners (NGOs) from Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania for the National and transnational projects on Non-Discrimination and Roma Integration Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme 2014-2020 (JUST/2015/RDIS/AG/DIC) call of the European Commission.

The Project description in presented below. The organisations interested in becoming partners to the ERTF are kindly requested to contact the ERTF Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible but no later than Wednesday, 23 March 2016.


The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) and its partners will develop a project which aims at tackling the gap in the political representation of Roma in the EU and at changing thoroughly the way EU Roma policies are implemented. We believe that a pan-European Roma network that combines advocacy for equality and inclusion and facilitates cooperation among Civil Society Roma organisations in Europe is needed. It is a pre-requisite to integrate Roma in the EU decision-making process and to ensure that adequate projects are developed in their favour.

That is why the project is declined in 3 phases:

Part I: Setting up a coordinating network of Roma organisations to assist the EU in combating anti-Gypsyism and to foster integration (hereafter referred to as the Network);

Part II: Combating hate violence against Roma;

Part III: Fighting anti-Gypsyism at the local level.

Once set up, the Roma coordinating network will be able to focus on its main objective: tackling anti-Gypsyism in its different forms in Europe. The project will deal with hate violence at the national level (Part II - Combating hate violence against Roma) and with daily discrimination practices in excluded localities (Part III – Fighting daily anti-Gypsyism at the local level). Both parts (Part II and III) will take place in six pilot countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy and Romania.

Part I: Setting up the Roma coordinating network for the implementation of EU policies on Roma – Project Partners

The first part (Part I) envisages creating an efficient network of Roma NGOs to combat anti-Gypsyism and that will enable Roma communities to communicate more easily with the EU. They will hence have an effective say in political decision-making both at national and international level and to stand for their rights. The Network will be based on EU affairs expertise, knowledge, and campaigning experience, able to connect grassroots organisations and top decision makers, build bridges between Roma communities across Europe and create synergies between all relevant stakeholders working in fields related to Roma.

The network will be able to act on three levels and to better coordinate activities, ensure the democratic process of the organisation and to reach Roma communities and individuals efficiently and concretely:

International/EU level: EU partner and mediator with the Roma member organisations at the national and local level, influencing the EU legislation regarding Roma issues;

National level: working with national authorities on the implementation of the EU Framework of National Strategies for Roma Inclusion;

Local level: coordinating and assisting local Roma initiatives with EU funds/support.

Part II: Combating hate violence against Roma in six pilot countries – National Project Teams

The project will focus on combating hate violence against Roma in six pilot countries, where the level of incidents is high. The pilot countries are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy and Romania. In all these countries, attacks on Roma occur frequently, without arousing adequate reactions. The climate of impunity is even stronger concerning hate speech which lacks a strong and commonly accepted legal definition, and in particular, concerning online hate speech.

Strengthening legal response to hate violence and hate speech against Roma

The project is aimed at improving the legal response to hate crime and hate speech, including online incidents, against Roma. The project advocates for a common approach on combating hate speech whose perpetrators still benefit from the absence of a common legal definition and sanctions.

Part III: Fighting anti-Gypsyism at the local level in six pilot countries – National Project Teams

The goal of the Network is to make sure that programmes and activities developed within the frame of the National Roma Integration Strategies better reflect the needs of the Roma, and that Roma are equal beneficiaries of these programmes. As a coordination of civil society organisations the project partners will lobby to bring to the attention of national governments and local administrations the hardship and discrimination endured by Roma and encourages them to take further action to integrate Roma.